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20 May 2022

Over the past decade, we have seen a significant increase from the public, local and central government on the primary sector around environmental issues. These issues can either be real or just a perceived issue. Either way, the general public and government are expecting the primary industry to do better.

The forestry sector is not except to these pressures, On 1 May 2018, the new National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF) took effect, which replaced the Regional Council plans. The NES, as its name suggests, is a National Standard for harvesting and roading operations and regulations are based on soil Erosion Susceptibility Classes (ESC) for the area in question.

There is becoming significant pressure to ensure correct environmental practices are followed, to ensure such issues as erosion and sediment are not contributing negatively to New Zealand freshwater quality.

OsGro Seed services, who’ll be exhibiting at Environmental Forestry 2022,  has been working with the forestry sector for the past 9 years, developing a range of products to help companies meet their obligations to local authorities. We are working with a growing number of forestry companies throughout NZ to establish a specific range of seed mixes suitable for use within the forest. We are doing further trial work this year on oversowing cutover forests in the Hawkes Bay and Nelson regions

Over this time we have developed a range of seed mixes with the following key attributes:

  • To provide ground cover as quickly as possible
  • To establish on a range of soil types
  • To establish in far from perfect sowing conditions
  • To establish and persist in low soil fertility soils

Oversowing cutover forestry

We have seen a significant uptake in over sowing cutover forest within the sector, especially on environmentally sensitive sites. Most oversowing of cutover forests is happening in the Autumn within 18 months of the forests being harvested. 

Benefits of oversowing cutover forestry

  • Reduce erosion and sediment into waterways
  • Weed Suppression
  • Reduce numbers of self-sown seedlings pines

Companies that are currently using this method are finding once the oversowing seed is established it forms a mat, which reduces competition from weed species and significantly decreases the number of self-sown seedling pines. 

Not all situations are the same, over the past 9 years we have developed an understanding of current forestry practices and challenges the industry faces, although we have developed a range of base seed mixes for roading, earthworks and oversowing, we still customise these specifically for your individual forest and situation. 

OsGro Seed Services is a family-owned Seed Company based in Marlborough, We service clients throughout NZ and offer a range of high-quality seeds to the agriculture, forestry and horticulture sectors. OsGro is a firm believer in modern science coupled with traditional family values.

For further information, Jeremy can be contacted on 027 263 9885.

Source: OsGro Seed Services




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